Chairman, President and CEO

Mr. Bryson Goodwin is a seasoned global executive with a career spanning over 25 years within public companies. His extensive background, which encompasses both private and public sectors, underscores his versatility and leadership acumen. Mr. Goodwin’s proven track record in operations, market strategy, and banking across diverse sectors, including resources, technology, and special situations, offers invaluable insights. His expertise particularly shines in areas of structuring, financing, and management, with a strong focus on navigating the intricacies of the Canadian and US stock exchanges.

Beyond his executive roles, Mr. Goodwin plays a pivotal role as a board member for various organizations, providing strategic advisory services to both private and public entities. Widely recognized as an authority in resource and capital markets, he is a sought-after consultant for capital firms and hedge funds, guiding them toward success.

Connect with Mr. Goodwin on LinkedIn to learn more about his remarkable journey and contributions to the industry.


Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Rempel has over 25 years of accounting experience working with companies in the areas of real estate development, restaurant management, mining, general financial services and software development. She specializes in the provision of accounting services to public companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange, and the Canadian Securities Exchange and to companies preparing to list on a Canadian stock exchange.

In addition to providing accounting services to reporting issuers, she serves as a Chief Financial Officer, Controller, and/or a director of a number of public companies in the mining, investment, and technology sectors. She leads an accounting team consisting of nine individuals.


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